Setting up your Wedding List:


At T.G. Hawthorne, a family run business, will step-by-step guide you through the process of setting up a wedding list. We can offer expert advise and planning for your wedding list right through to completion. We ensure to maintain your list, and keep it up-to-date. Guests will be able to purchase in-store or by telephone giving ease of use for all guests.


  • Contact the store either by telephone, or by dropping in at any time (Booking an appointment is suggested).
  • A member of staff will then assist you on the selection of your goods giving advice and guidance.
  • The selected goods will then be put into a dedicated room to guaranteeing¬†that they will be in-stock for the guests to purchase.
  • The list will then be typed up, and a copy will be sent to the bride.
  • We also offer gift-wrapping services with all purchases.